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A public service announcement, on the value of (sometimes? always?) using REPLs with classpath set with deps.edn, instead of IntelliJ project classpath. I spent hours while trying to get the Google Secret Manager library working, thinking I was struggling with conflicting google library dependencies, which I’ve heard people complain about. I must have made 20+ changes to dependencies, to no avail. Inspired (and desperate for answers) by the 2019 message, I tried running it in a clj repl session, and to my utter shock, it worked. (So, I guess it was indeed a conflicting google library dependency, but nothing to do with deps.edn ! 😂


have you figured out how the rogue dep got onto the IJ classpath?


Alas, no — I was just happy to get it working. I barely know what a classpath is. 🙂 I was thinking it may have been clojurescript and the google-closure-compiler, but ruled that out. Maybe? I may revisit it tonight — will keep you posted, as I suspect it’s worth understanding more fully.


When you start up a cursive nrepl (if it's nrepl you're talking about), the second line in it, (the one that starts with something like /Users/myuser/... is clickable and contains the classpath


at least for me, this could depend on your OS, how you have java installed etc


Anyway to disable tag literals for maps with keywords namespace map syntax? Instead of this:

{:foo/bar 1
 :foo/bar2 2}
=> #:foo{:bar 1, :bar2 2}
I could get this:
=> {:foo/bar 1, :foo/bar2 2}
Also no commas would be nice too


It’s a clojure setting

(set! *print-namespace-maps* false)

Alex Miller (Clojure team)16:09:31

Just for reference, this is “namespace map syntax” and not tagged literals (although they look similar at a glance)


Ah no worries. Thanks for the correction. It’s clear to me now they’re completely different. > Tagged literals are Clojure’s implementation of edn tagged elements.


the commas come from the printer (they aren’t a part of the datastructure of coure). I haven’t seen any pretty printers that omit them. I think they are pretty hard coded in there. I have often wanted to get rid of them

Noah Bogart20:09:28

zprint can exclude them, but that's a much more opinionated and complicated tool

Dustin Getz19:09:19

The new auto-require on typing of recognized namespace is excellent, I just noticed it


Which one do you mean? I don’t think anything new has been added there in a while.