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scicloj/ {:mvn/version "0.2.1"}

(ns ai.scicloj-experiment
  (:require [ :as ml]
            [ :as mm]
            [ :as ds]))
Is it possible to do something to make Cursive see this ns?


Cursive sees the namespace alright, it’s the way that namespace exports stuff that throws it off. I think the solution would be to add it to Cursive’s stub generation but that’s a Colin thing


I got this info: > This problem is specific to Cursive and other tools that do some code analysis to determine if things are defined or not. does some tricks with its namespaces, which are not compatible with the approach of these tools. If I remember Curisve doesn’t see ns which are created dynamically or something like that


> Curisve doesn’t see ns which are created dynamically This is probably right as Cursive (similarly to clj-kondo) does static analysis which work off the set of source files. I don’t think this is what’s happening in your case. It appears to me that the namespace in question exists as a source file:


Cursive can resolve ds as far as I understand, just not ds/dataset


I am just thinking if: 1) there is anything what I can do as an user to make it works 2) scicloj can fix this 3) curisve can fix this and on which one I should really “wait” 😉


I think this is a 3

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Yes, I’ll have a look at that issue and see if it’s an easy fix.

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BTW you are doing really good work @U0567Q30W. Cursive is the best.


Thanks for the kind words!


hey, do you have any ETA for this one?


I'm hitting the same issue, does ml/pipeline or mm/model work for you? It's not being picked up in my IDE as well..


I’ll try to look at this today.

Carsten Behring20:11:34

I will change to "code generation" in the next version of This requires first a new release of PR was made:


@U7CAHM72M Does this mean that all the code will be explicitly generated into the project, rather than being dynamically created at runtime? If that’s the case, hopefully Cursive (and I guess clj-kondo and the like) will be able to index it easily.

Carsten Behring22:11:22

Yes, exactly. I have it working locally, just some depended project needs to be slightly adapted and released


Great, I will wait for that then and do some testing to ensure it works with Cursive - thanks for doing this! I’ve been meaning to fix the scicloj stuff up with Cursive but hadn’t got around to it.

Ivar Refsdal12:08:30

Add option "Always generate stubs (for this project|for all projects)" #2556 is fixed for the next build! Thanks Colin!

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This is out now!

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