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Jeffrey Bay15:06:48

hey all - cursive feature request - is there a reason that the "find files" dialog doesn't have an override in it to make it so that foo-bar also looks for foo_bar automagically? this is particularly difficult for new users of clojure/cursive, and even as a fairly experienced developer i make this mistake pretty frequently and have to fix the - chars to _ which just seems like something the tool could be doing for me. It does so much already that seems much more complicated!


I make that mistake all the time. simple_smile

Jeffrey Bay15:06:13

right? like "wtf i know this file is... oh right" 😆


why find files over find namespaces?

Jeffrey Bay15:06:13

the short answer is because I use multiple languages, and my projects even in clojure have java and txt and other files in them, so my default "search for file-like thing" is the file search

Jeffrey Bay15:06:11

that said, realizing there is a separate key for find namespace is at least a helpful refinement of my process for when i think of it, thanks for that


Have you tried searching without - or _ ? I usually just type stuff without them and get pretty good results


even mnemonics have good results

Jeffrey Bay15:06:25

yeah, that works okay too i guess. i've never been able to break myself of the habit of trying to type real names first though


fbqt ->

Jeffrey Bay15:06:58

i do sometime use the more fuzzy search that idea offers, but it's generally either because i memorized a short name (too long to type frequently) or can't find what i'm looking for


It isn't a bad feature request though, I'm not certain whether this is a change to Cursive or Idea itself

Jeffrey Bay15:06:49

i would generally try to type qux- first (to disambiguate between qux and qux-test quickly.

Jeffrey Bay15:06:24

the reason i default to the beginning of the name rather than abbeviations is because that's what i'm frequently typing in the code so my fingers develop macros for the names 🙂


I'm not sure about this actually, definitely seems a reasonable request though. Could you file an issue, and I'll check? Not sure it's possible though, depends whether IntelliJ permits it.

Jeffrey Bay00:06:20

i'm not sure how to file an issue

Jeffrey Bay00:06:00

is this it? cursive-ide/cursive on github?

Jeffrey Bay00:06:09

lmk and if so i will file an issue there in the morning


That's the one. Theres even a bookmark in the slack channel

Jeffrey Bay15:06:23

issue #2709 submitted

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Meh so I'm trying to get cursive to grok pathom's defresolver macro. Can't get it to work and I suspect I'm doing something less than brilliant here. I have three issues (and perhaps solving number one solves the other two...not sure): 1. Even though I think cursive is not understanding the macro correctly I do not get the intention lightbulb which is how most of the docs seem to suggest fixing the macro interpretation 2. If I go to settings > languages & frameworks > clojure > symbol resolution I can see an empty list but as far as I can see there is no way of actually manually adding one here 3. Formatting: if I go to settings > editor > code style > clojure > form parameters there seems to be some custom stuff there (fulcro, etc) and there is a + button, but hitting it does nothing. I was hoping to add the macro as a form and perhaps get closer to correct formatting for it. I have a custom scheme selected so I assume it should be possible. This one might be by design?


ok...I take it back...I invalidated my indexes and magically things started working again...lightbulb is back and macro added to symbol resolution


Not sure if you know this already: defresolver can be resolved as defn


yes, thank you I saw that in the docs and that was my intent as well. Problem was there was no way to do that when the lightbulb was absent. All good now though after invalidating indexes. Thanks for the heads up.

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was not aware of the brittleness with the indexes...interesting.


yeah, intellij's indexes can be brittle - although i've noticed things are much better in later versions. The one thing that I've seen screw them up regularly is an intellij crash.

Colin P. Hill16:06:20

Anyone ever have an issue like this? This always happens in my leiningen projects until I run lein deps on the command line.

12:29	Dependency resolution error
		Error synchronising <my project>:
		Failed to collect dependencies at babashka:process:jar:0.1.2