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Jordan Robinson16:06:19

Hey all, I have kind of a weird one where when I paste my parentheses are reordered incorrectly when using parinfer. The gif probably shows it better than I can explain, but basically with that macro that resolves as a let, the square brackets reorder and are wrong. It doesn't happen with all parentheses but does happen consistently with the same text. I'll put it in a thread to not spam the main channel too much. I recently upgraded to 2022.1.2 and 1.12.4-2022.1 and didn't see the issue up till now so it might be that's related. Please let me know if there's any more details I can provide as I appreciate it's a bit of a weird one.

Jordan Robinson16:06:38

the snippet I'm using is

(ns service.consultation.resource-test)

(deftest foo
  (let []
        [foo bar]

Jordan Robinson16:06:20

and as I mentioned the kp/with-producer macro resolves as a let. If I make it resolve as none, the issue goes away, but the macro does follow the structure of a let.


I'll try to reproduce that, thanks.

Jordan Robinson06:06:00

Thanks Colin, please do let me know if there's any way I can help 🙂 loving having updated apart from this