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Jeffrey Bay16:06:56

hi all - i feel like i may just be missing something obvious, but what is the keystroke to execute the current form in the cursive repl? (not the current form in the editor buffer, but the form in the repl code window where you can write little snippets of code. If you're at the end of the form, you hit enter but because of the structure of clojure code, I'm very rarely at the end of the form when i finish fixing my prior attempt.


I think ctrl+enter does it? If not you could try alt+enter. There's definitely a shortcut for this, which is presumably configurable in the Keymap setttings :)

Jeffrey Bay18:06:28

i'm on mac, and it is cmd-enter duh, thanks. i had tried alt-enter and shift-enter and ctrl-enter and it took you mentioning ctrl-enter for me to remember the cmd key because i'm on mac. thanks 😆