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Colin, the keyboard shortcut for the REPL window (E) in the Switcher (Control-Tab) seems to be case-sensitive. in other words, when Caps Locks is off, Shift-E works but E doesn't.


That’s very odd.


I’ll take a look at this tomorrow, but I don’t think there’s much that I can do about this on the Cursive side, since that’s all IntelliJ.


neither e or E switches anywhere for me under IntelliJ 2022.1, JBR 17.0.2+8-315.1-nomod & Cursive 1.12.3-2022.1 under macOS. i've activated the Switcher via the Cmd-Shift-A action menu and I indeed saw, there is a capital E, next to the REPL entry. btw, in Cmd-E (Recent Files action), when I selected the REPL item, also nothing happened; I've stayed in the current editor tab. after some clicking around, suddenly both approaches started to work and focus the REPL tool window from the Switcher (activated via the action menu), when I pressed the lower-case e. though they focus the output pane, not the input pane, or the one which was focused the last time. not sure if that's the intended behaviour.


Thank you, Colin! Does this version have any differences from 1.12.3-eap2 ?


No, it’s just released in the main stable channel, so that everyone not signed up for EAPs will get it too.


For those on the EAP channel there’s no change.


Thanks for the info!


Thanks for the new release! I have now a problem running a REPL from by deps test alias that includes a

:main-opts ["-m" "kaocha.runner"]
It seems to have something to do with Kaocha is complaining Unknown option: "-i". > Cursive now adds them prior to the -i option, If I remove the Kaocha main-opts, it works. Should I have a separate test-repl alias?


@U07MC8H4Z I experienced this with -eap2 a day or two back. For me it only affects repl configs that are set to run with deps so I worked around it by selecting run with intellij project classpath and selecting the aliases I need in the deps tool window


@U1ZD6QX4G Thanks. I don't know if using the intellij project classpath is the best solution. I just separated my test und kaocha dependencies and use only the test alias for the REPL and test+kaocha for the CI. Seem more clear to me to use two separate aliases. What do you think?


Whatever works for you 🙂 my case was a little different, I wanted to stay with a single alias


Added a comment on - I think main-opts could use a bit more thinking. Afaik :main-opts is a clojure.main thing, not an nrepl one anyway?


Yes, it does need more thought. I have to say I find the deps aliases super confusing, I haven’t managed to make a coherent mental model of them at all.


They started out quite simple, but now are not, and that’s going to make the UI for running things via deps tricky - I was thinking about it the other day.


Without knowing how difficult this part is in Cursive, I'd try and lean on tools.deps as much as possible so stuff works preferably the same way outside of Cursive as inside of it


Yeah, that’s my plan.


deps is confusing sometimes. I find it useful to create minimal projects to try some aspects of it out like


Aren't aliases just named parts of config that are merged together depending on what aliases one selects?


Not any more. Depending on the flag you use, the config is merged in different ways. For example, using -T deps will use a completely different classpath.


I don't think it's that serious - -T just implies an extra 'alias' containing :replace-deps {} :replace-paths ["."]


The repo I linked shows these