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So I am starting to explore porting Matrix to #clojuredart and wondering how to get IJ/Cursive to handle the *.cljd file type. I added that to the editor clojure filetypes and that is working great. Is there some way I can also get .cljd supported when creating a new file or renaming one?


Unfortunately not, although you should be able to manually create a file with any name, you just won’t be able to use New Namespace to do it. I’ll add this basic support for the next EAP and look into better support integrating with the Dart plugin ASAP.

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Hello, everyone. Updated to 1.12.3-eap1 few moments ago, but fn arity bug still persists. Or maybe I misconfigured something? Attaching minimal example.


(defprotocol Fly
  "A simple protocol for flying"
  (fly [this] "Method to fly"))

(defrecord Bird [name species]
  (fly [this] (str (:name this) " flies...")))