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Oliver George01:03:09

I'd love cursive to help me write specs for my functions. Infer stuff and generate s/fdef statements... Lift s/asserts to be s/fdefs...


There are a bunch of issues at;state=open&amp;type=issues, but not one overarching one. I’m kind of torn with spec support at the moment to be honest, since it seems that spec 1 is unofficially deprecated, and who knows how much will carry over to spec 2.

Oliver George01:03:17

I feel your pain. Perhaps there's some baseline functionality that spans some common functionality provided by things like malli / spec 1...

Oliver George01:03:56

What would give you confidence it's worth the effort to explore? I help form (foment?) a mob...


I mean, Rich or Alex saying “this is the plan” would help, but even then it’s hard to tell how spec 2 will come out, or when that might happen.

Oliver George04:03:21

Yeah, that's a bit of a sticking point isn't it. They're not fans of committing to roadmaps. Kind of a shame there isn't some kind of inner sanctum for key tool providers to help provide certainty (allowing you to invest effort with more confidence)

Oliver George04:03:07

As always, love your work... (but if cursive deletes my [goog.obj :as gobj] statement one more time I may cry)


Ugh, sorry, that’s which is fixed for the next build, but that is taking a while…

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Oliver George01:03:26

Any chance there's a github issue I can watch?