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If anyone want to comment a form with #_ with a shortcut, select a form vith 'vaf' (, here is how I managed to achieve this with ( to dotfiles)

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Hi cursive lovers! I’m wondering if there is a way to ignore this (when require a js lib with shadow-cljs)

Colin P. Hill22:01:22

My workaround has been to just demote unresolved symbols to a weak warning. Definitely not ideal, though.


I do the same


@U0567Q30W would it be possible to add an option to treat all string requires :refer or :as uses as valid? without any actual checks?


Yes, I’m planning fixes for this to the current EAP series.

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yeah, for js requires that would be terrific. Even more terrific if they are navigable 🙂


Being navigable will depend on how parseable the JS is. In my experience of looking at CommonJS modules, the answer is usually not much, sadly.


there are a lot of libraries in JS that handle that sort of thing. unfortunately they are in JS and expecting node, would be neat to have a java/clj lib for that but so far I haven't found one


What would be some good examples of JS libraries handling this sort of thing?


are the ones I can remember. there are others though.