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when we do #_ before a ^metadata, cursive highlights as if just the metadata is ignored. But the form will be ignored too.


If I use remote repl connection (nrepl) configuration, that is much-much faster (init phase/ mount lib) than when I start as local “Run with Leiningen”. Is that normal? or do I need to add extra params?


Do you mean the REPL startup? That’s because if you use a remote connection, it’s connecting to a server which is already started, so that doesn’t include any of the startup time before the REPL is ready.


Using cursive for a bit in Intellij… is there a way to get C-c C-c and C-c C-e to work like in Emacs (for sending form under point and before point to REPL, respectively)?

R.A. Porter16:12:10

I can't answer that precise question, but IJ itself has a set of emacs keybindings that you could switch to. If you did, it'd probably make your overall editor experience feel a bit more familiar; likewise, it would also probably change many of the Cursive-specific bindings.


Thank you for replying! I did try the Emacs bindings… it didn’t seem to enable C-c C-c, for instance (which is my usual way of evaluating the form under the point).


So still thrashing a bit. 🙂

Colin P. Hill16:12:50

You should be able to add whatever binding you want for whatever command you want. IntelliJ supports two-stroke sequences, so C-c C-c and C-c C-e should both be doable.

Daniel Stephens16:12:30

@macrobartfast As Colin mentions, I think equivalent behaviours are implemented by cursive so you can setup shortcuts as you wish for them


@macrobartfast you should use something like integrant and call (reset) to reload everything. It’s in order of milliseconds


@ikitommi gotcha! just about to set up integrant, so that’s perfect.


(I accidentally deleted the message here that @ikitommi was responding to, which was how to reload an app as quickly as possible)


my cursive always loses its "ignore directory" configuration and stuck trying to index .shadow-cljs and cljs-generated files 😞 I need to wait until the index finish to edit this configuration and make it ignore the dirs


When you say it always loses it, do you mean that it gets overwritten on a project sync? If you mark your directory then go to the lein or deps toolwindow and hit refresh, does it lose it then?


Hello This morning I removed all my project files, did a clean git clone (we do not commit any of node_modules or .shadow-cljs files) Also, removed all my intellij plugins, removed .cache and .local/share/JetBrains directiries So I did a "fresh start" of the intellij with my project still, i couldn't open the project I was using this project with cursive/intellij for ~6 months now, without any problems There is others developers, with linux/mac in this project too, all them with intellij/cursive It stuck in Synchronizing Clojure Deps project with the messae Reading projects\n Reading appstream-model The project is a "monorepo", where there is a projects folder with ~20 clojure projects, all them with a deps.edn, many of them using git and local/root Here my logs


stuck again in Synchronizing Clojure Deps project How can I debug why it stuck in Synchronizing Clojure Deps project ?


there is no CPU activity


if I click in x button, it stuck in Stopping - Synchronizin Clojure D...


this is really annoying


Ugh, sorry, that does sound painful. Can you get a thread dump of the IDE when it’s stuck synchronising to see where it’s blocked?


it is nice that I can get the intellij threaddump from intellij profile tab


i switched from tools.deps directly to tools.deps CLI, the WAITING stacktrace chagend, but seems to be the same issue. Which clojure cli command do cursive execute? I can run it directly?


I downgraded tools.deps directly 0.11.935 and now it is working again. Recap: • my cli version is it stuck. stacktrace in the git • using tools.deps 0.12.x directly stuck. stracktrace in the git • using tools.deps 0.11.x works If you want a complete thread dump, or if you want me to do some other debug thing to understand better my issue, I'm open to do it.


Oh, thanks, it might be an issue with new t.d.a versions, I’ll try to repro.


I'm unable to download JDK 8 in my macbook, any suggestions on how I can download JDK 8?

R.A. Porter18:12:04 and if you use brew you should be able to tap this cask:

R.A. Porter18:12:44

(Adoptium used to be AdoptOpenJDK)

Lennart Buit21:12:14

are you perhaps on an M1 mac?


I find it easiest to use IntelliJ to do this. Open any project, then File-&gt;Project Structure. Select SDKs in the list on the left, and press +. Select “Download JDK” then you can choose your distribution, architecture and version easily.

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