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With data visualization tooling like Portal and Reveal getting more and more mature, I seem to be adding more and more repl commands to Cursive. Repl commands are awesome and it would be extremely good to see some QOL updates to the Edit REPL Commands window. I added an issue about the ordering of entries there:


Thanks, I’ll look at this.


Thank you, Colin!


Cursive doesn't balance let bindings with destructuring in them, is this intentional?

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I actually find this behavior nice

AJ Jaro20:12:50

I prefer the balanced let bindings, but this is clearly a preference option that should be available to enforce or not


Yes, this is deliberate since the destructuring forms can be very large (like your example). If you’d like a switch for that I can add one - I tend to try to resist more config options until people complain loudly enough.

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i think it's a valid strategy. 🙂 in this case, i would put the map on a new line anyway. but i'm curious what others think of it...


i just took a look at our codebase and it appears our team is ok with not balancing destructuring forms in let bindings. all good for now. :-)


@cfleming Hi, I would really appreciate very much if there would be an option to balance this kind of let bindings. Also very often I want to align the pairs in some forms (like test and then statements in a cond or case) because of readability, is this something that others want? I really like Cursive, great job 👏 Colin.


Definitely better! Thanks, I’ll look at this, I haven’t looked at the new bookmarks stuff in detail yet.


i'm looking forward to it. 🙂


I just commented over on the issue with a few thoughts after looking at it briefly.

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Colin P. Hill21:12:25

When using a context action to insert a require, is there any way to get Cursive to insert it in a sort order, rather than just at the bottom?


I’m actually working on namespace ordering in general at the moment.

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AJ Jaro12:12:01

In the meantime, there's an ok plugin to sort requires.