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I was giving a quick try to the Code With Me feature, to see, if it would be possible to utilize my powerful office machine from home, through my less powerful laptop. Here are the issues, I’ve encountered immediately: 1. Load File in REPL action is assigned to Opt-Shift-L JetBrains Client-EAP, instead of Cmd-Shift-L, like on the sharing session host machine 2. Jump to REPL Editor action doesn’t do anything, even when I invoke it with its Cmd-\ shortcut. What does work at least, is Cmd-E "repl" Enter 3. Cursive REPL commands are not available, so I can’t run my Kaocha tests conveniently 4. Edit REPL Commands action says: This action is not yet implemented in the JetBrains Client 5. Search REPL History action (`Opt-Cmd-E`) pops up the search window on the host machine, not the client machine. 6. If I Send ... to REPL something, it switches *ns* to the namespace of the file I was sending the expression from. I don’t have clear feedback about this because the REPL editor area is just a simple, 1-line high input field, which I can’t resize. 7. Can’t navigate by namespace (there is no Namespace tab the search everything popup) 8. There is no Refresh Clojure Deps Projects action So these would be the features, which would allow me to work remotely seamlessly. But if I understand correctly, for this purpose, the JetBrains Gateway is going to be a more suitable solution, so I might not care so much about the Code With Me support. What I was hoping, is that I can avoid spending money on the latest MacBooks and just utilize some remote machine, which either a pay-as-you-go type of cost OR I already have a really powerful i9 iMac in the office, with 80GB RAM, which I'm more than happy with already.


the usages popup also has some graphical artifacts


very impressive solution otherwise; very snappy too! and the JetBrains Client "only" consumes about 1 GB of RAM, as opposed to the 3 GB IntelliJ on the host machine. most ppl would think that's hardly a difference, which would worth the trouble, but unfortunately, on Mac's, with 8 GB or even 16 GB RAM, that is likely the difference between starting to rely on swap or not...


Thanks for the report, I’ll update, try all those out and ask JetBrains about the ones that aren’t already in that list.

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