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Jeff Evans19:08:20

Anyone have a good solution for switching back and forth between Lein and deps.edn? On our master branch, we have switched to deps.edn (yay!) but when I need to check out an older branch, where Lein is still in use, the tool window is gone. I know that I can basically nuke the entire IntelliJ project and start over, but that’s obviously too disruptive to do on a regular basis.

R.A. Porter19:08:20

Not awesome, but you should just need to Add as Leiningen Project on the project.clj each time you have to switch to an older branch. Should be able to do that through either the context menu on the file or through the Leiningen tool window.


How about just having a git worktree checked out to the old branch?

Jeff Evans21:08:20

@U01GXCWSRMW, thanks, this approach will get me through for now. Appreciate the response

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is there any plan to extend IntelliJ IDEA's built-in grammar/style checking support (provided by Grazie (, which, in turn, is based on LanguageTool ( to Clojure(Script) source files?


I’m actually not sure what’s required for that, I’ll investigate.


Looks pretty straightforward, could you file an issue for that and I’ll fix it in the next EAP?


oh, i didn’t see your earlier message. thanks a lot!


I need to use it for a bit before releasing, there’s a system of exceptions which seem to be used to suppress common warnings that tend to appear in each language. I’m not sure yet why they’re different per-language, so I’ll use it myself for a bit and see if any of the suggestions are obviously annoying. There’s an issue at the moment in which docstrings require the support to be turned on for literals, i.e. they’re not recognised as documentation (there’s a system of scopes which can be turned on and off).


sounds good, please take your time and release it whenever you feel comfortable doing so. 🙂


This now understands when a string is a docstring - by default Grazie is off for string literals, but on for doc, and Cursive will obey that.

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(note that the bare string literals aren’t annotated)


This is out now in the latest EAP.

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