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What could be the reason I am not seeing an "Upgrade" button?


Anyways... clicking on the button to install here worked:


I’ve seen some discussion in the plugin developers’ slack that this is somewhat buggy in 2021.2


hit this as an issue today , no possible workaround ?


and this issue is very similar to what has been plaguing me for a while, i think the most recent comment is about when it broke for me on mac as well - using lein checkouts gets things mangled with the modules and source roots etc


I started using a REBL recently and I noticed the Cursive highlights REBL's symbols as not possible to resolve. The lib is AOTed, but is there anything I could do it disable these highlights? I'm using Cursive with Idea 2021.1 and deps.edn.


I’ll probably have to add it to the stubs generation, I’ll try to look at that in the next day or two.


Ok, thanks! 🙇


Is there anything special in your setup?


I tried REBL out ages ago but haven’t used it since.


I don't think so. • Regular Cursive (not EAP) + Idea 2021.1 • deps.edn • nREPL launched in the terminal, Cursive connecting when nrepl server created • nrepl-rebl as a nREPL middleware to launch REBL and send forms to REBL nrepl-rebl is better middleware for Cursive than nrebl.middleware. The former filters out Cursive special forms sent to REPL, the latter does not.


> I tried REBL out ages ago but haven’t used it since. I've literally set it up last weekend. It is a bit weird in use, but I see it might be handy. I haven't tried Reveal and Portal yet, though