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Adrian Smith09:06:08

This is a long shot & not exactly idiomatic but found myself wanting to do this recently, is it possible to use the debugger to pause execution at a particular break point then use the repl to experiment in context of the break point?

Jeff Evans14:06:33

Yes absolutely. I do it often

Jeff Evans14:06:14

The only catch is you need to require the namespaces first in the REPL to evaluate them in the expression window


Right, you can use the evaluate expression window, but not the main REPL window. I’d like to fix that, so that the REPL can be used as a fancier evaluate, but that’s not there yet.


There are complications, such as whether the REPL should take into account the currently selected stack frame or whether it should evaluate always in the top frame. That affects completion etc.

Adrian Smith12:06:20

Ah I didn't know about the expression window, this is great thank you