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Cursive is amazing, thank you. I have this feature request, though not sure how feasible it is. The ability to tap a variable (using say some shortcut) and after I run the code, I should be able to see information about the tapped variable (in maybe a modal or tooltip) eg. the value itself, its type, the changed versions of the variable if any (and maybe diff the versions), be able to def the variable and so on. I know I can use the debugger or something like or simply add-taps and tap> or just def the variable. But I thought it would be really convenient if the IDE gave me this ability out of the box. I understand the runtime of the plugin will be different from that of the code, so not sure how this might work, but maybe it could hook into the REPL for this. I’m also aware of tools like REBL, Reveal and Portal but they require me to switch to it which I rarely do when using IntelliJ + Cursive because everything I want can be done inside the IDE. Don’t really want visualisations (or navigating a web page), just an IDE super tap would be really cool. Would love to help in any way if this is possible.


I think I can emulate something close to this with REPL commands and IntelliJ macros for now


One of the things I’m working on is better data structure visualisations, and that will probably be tied into tap in some way.

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Hello, I would like to tweak clojure's syntax highlighting a bit, is it possible with cursive ?


Jump to Colors and Fonts action

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While the caret is on whatever you want to customize


Right, if you want to customise more than what is offered there let me know.


@UMPJRJU9E, @U0567Q30W thank you a lot, I will try this and let you know !


Ok it seems that it is the same that what I've found in the preferences. Two things that I would like to customize for example would be : • quoted symbols • argv bindings. Is it possible ?


I also noticed that clojure core symbols are highlighted even when contained in comments. I would like to fix that.


Is there some kind of tmLanguage.json file somewhere ?


No, there isn’t, unless there’s an IntelliJ plugin which could colour things on top of what Cursive does.