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hello, I’m having a strange issue, on the latest cursive and intellij, trying to do a rename, but the IDE is stuck at “Looking for usages”, its been like that for many minutes now

emacs 2

When I do a regular Find Usages on the same keyword, I got some partial results, and the search never ends


with other keywords it works fine, seems like the name name is part of the problem

Jeff Evans19:04:04

it’s my observation that the rename refactoring is paranoid/finds too many references, especially for “common” names like that

Jeff Evans19:04:18

not just in Cursive, but even in the built-in Java world


yup, small names are horror for refactorings 😛


but even when it takes long, it eventually finishes


in this case, it seems to always get stuck at the same place, I guess there is some bug, something broke there, and then it got stuck =/


if you didn’t already try to exclude some folders, this help me with the same thing you are experiencing


all compiled things are excluded, I also trying doing a find usages limiting the scope (I made a custom scope and ensure I only had clj sources), but still the same result


(its around 30 min running now, and not finishing)


@U066U8JQJ What are you trying to rename? A symbol/keyword/something else?


Could you take a thread dump and mail it to me? I suspect it will show “somewhere in the bowels of IntelliJ” but you never know.