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Sorry for the repost. Just wondering if this is possible or not since this is the one feature I find myself wanting the most surprisingly especially when I have a CLJ and CLJS REPLs opened all the time. I think this was also brought up a while back by someone else. Thanks in advance 🙂


I’ve been thinking a bit about this. The problem is that there are lots of different combinations of variants on the send to REPL commands that people might want, and it ends up being a combinatorial explosion of commands I’d have to provide. I think the approach is going to be to allow people to build the commands that they want using REPL commands (, so I’ll look at adding a new option to those that will allow this.

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That would be awesome. Really appreciate it! 🙂


how I make Cursive get documentation ? I just get a popup saying "Fetching Documentation..." forever ok found it you have to go to Languages & Frameworks > Clojure > Documentation Options then click Update. I'd prefer old documentation to none, or at least tell us how to fix it


I’ve had a few people report this, it seems to be a problem parsing the file downloaded from ClojureDocs. Is your system language set to English or something else?


Hello cursive users! Is there anyone who can help me understand how works exactly? 🧵


me and @U04V15CAJ would like to understand when Cursive suggest the "resolve macro as" popup


if it's always or only on specific cases


I mean so far I've noticed it on each and every macro, but of course I can't know for sure as I don't have the source code 😄 since it's a completely manual step every user can decide for themselves where adding it makes sense

Jeff Evans00:03:11

There's also a settings menu where they can be set and imported/exported

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Yes, that’s correct, this is offered on all macros, since Cursive can’t tell if they’re being resolved correctly or not.