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Cursive’s “navigate to definition” for e.g. spec keywords or re-frame keywords is wonderful, and I use it all the time. In my work project, we previously had a wrapper around spec definitions that took care of doing something else along with the spec definition, and that broke the navigation. I just wanted to see if perhaps there is some solution to this problem already, like being able to “register” your project specific (e.g.) spec-defining wrappers with Cursive somehow. Is that a thing?


@jeffrey.wayne.evans brilliant! I wasn’t aware it worked like that.


@jeffrey.wayne.evans do you know if this shareable?


between developers in a team


So that not every one has to configure stuff like this individually.

Jeff Evans15:03:05

yes, in fact I just found this out recently, but it’s lost to Slack history. give me a little while and I’ll dig it up again

Jeff Evans15:03:06

just click the gear icon there and Export, I think (haven’t actually tried it yet)


Is it possible to modify sending forms to the REPL? For example, wrapping something in a tap.


You can create custom REPL command with such functionality.


Right, see - you can create custom commands according to your needs


Have Reveal hooked up and tapping forms before sending working. Glad it was that simple!


Nice, glad it’s working!


You can create custom REPL command with such functionality.


@jeffrey.wayne.evans @reefersleep In the config pane in Jeff’s screenshot, if you change the “IDE” scheme to “Project” then the configuration will be shared in the project files and can be checked into VCS etc.