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Is there a way to print values nicely from code running in a REPL? Ideally I would like to have structural folding and the likes on the output. println just does not cut it and prn does not either.


Have you tried the reveal repl? You could probably extend reveal to do what you want.


Thanks, I will take a look. For Cursive, do you use the clojure.main approach or the nREPL approach?


Hello is something changed to cursive and cant find java classes on a mixed lein project with

:source-paths      ["src/clojure"]
:java-source-paths ["src/java"]
if i compile with lein it works but i see them as unresolved symbols in Clojure code and as errors in Java code


Is the project sdk set?


i dont know if its me,but it was fine , i will create a new project with lein and try the code there also


it worked in the new project , i dont know what is wrong i will see , thank you


its the folder name,if i change the name of the folder it works anyway , its not cursive related


Hi, I'm using Cursive in Intellij and I have some unresolved symbols coming regarding other dependencies. It's a bit annoying because I would like to jump into the libraries' code for example. What am I missing with Cursive settings? Thanks

Jeff Evans19:02:15

Are those symbols themselves defined via macros? You might need to do some of this setup.