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Q: I have a couple of questions about the testing integrations in Cursive…


1/ how does the new test runner feature work within the REPL? Or does it not?


I use “Run test in REPL” all the time. I can’t see how the new features add new capabilities


2/ is anyone using Greenlight integration tests with a Cursive integration?

AJ Jaro16:12:35

@U0510KXTU I have taken a look at the test runner but don’t use it as part of my workflow. Based on what I saw, this is independent of the REPL. No, to part 2. I don’t use Greenlight


@UGMAVSMUM thanks for the reply. That’s what I suspected


Right, the new test integration is independent of the REPL, at least for now. I would like to add a “Run tests in open REPL” option, but that’s tricky for intellij reasons which I haven’t had time to look at yet.


I don’t know of anyone using Greenlight, no, sorry.


Thanks for the clarification


@cfleming hello, one idea I just had here for the deps window, would be nice if it could make separated groups for project vs global aliases, so its easier to understand what alias come from a project, makes sense?


Yes, definitely.


Refactor > rename is broken in 1.10.0-2020.3. Take this code.

(s/def ::foo int?)
Right click on the keyword. Go to Refactor > Rename. This pops open the modal seen in screenshot 1. Changing "foo" to "foo2" results in a red message saying "'foo2' is not a valid identifier". If I add a double colon in from of "foo2" and click Refactor, the modal closes and nothing happens.


Opened an issue. This is a big issue for my workflow 😬


It's kinda like it's now treating s/def's as symbols.


Ugh, this is probably a side effect of There were a bunch of platform changes affecting navigation, I’ll get this fixed ASAP.


Sorry for the breakage, a lot of this stuff is really hard to test in automated tests since it’s quite tied to the UI.


Yeah, that's crossed my mind before. I have no idea how you do it 🙂


There are actually some facilities for GUI testing now, but they’re still a pain to use. I actually use them for generating the screenshots in the documentation, so if I document something then as a side effect it gets tested when I regenerate the doc 🙂


@cfleming Potentially related to this is usually when your cursor is on a keyword, it will highlight all keywords that are the same. That is not happening in the latest version.