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Q: when Intellij releases native support for Apple M1 chips, I’m gonna get a Mac Mini to try it out. Is there anything about Cursive that needs porting or should it “just work”?


It’ll just work as much as IntelliJ does. They’re working on M1 support for the JDK they use, but it’s not there yet. Apparently now it runs ~70% of the speed of a current system, depending on what you’re doing. Gradle is very slow for some reason.


ETA is sometime this year though, I think.


yeah, I’ve seen the reports of Rosetta being slow to run the JVM.


but a $1500 desktop that is twice as fast as my MBP is so tempting! Xmas present to myself if the JVM can benefit from that speed


thanks for the info


I’m also tempted by the mini, I’ve been planning to try working on one for a while now and the M1 makes it a no-brainer. But I’ll wait till it’s properly supported.

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I updated to 2020.3 and it seems to have broken the namespace search functionality. I am on Cursive 1.9.4-2020.3. I have attached the stacktrace from the IntelliJ logs. Reverting to 2020.2 for now.


It's broken for me as well.


I noticed that Cursive doesn't seem to persist per-project code style settings between sessions. Has anyone come across this?