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I opened a project with deps.edn, but i don't see the "Clojure Deps" toolbar. So when i change deps it doesn't prompt me to import/refresh them. How do i solve it?


i just added a clojure-deps.xml manually from another project i had, but what would have been the kosher way to get it?


I think probably, right-clicking on the deps.edn file and selecting “Add as deps project” - I’m not sure why that wouldn’t have worked from the initial import, perhaps something went wrong with it.


when you open deps.edn file select Open as project


Note that i had already an IntelliJ project with REPL and everything configured, just it wasn't recognized as a Deps project. Not sure what happend on initial import. I've seen this occur more than once though. I'll remember it for next time and maybe we'll investigate


It is invalid project. Close project and remove it from recent project history in IDEA. then, reopen project by openning deps.edn file as Project.