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I might have asked this already, but is there a way to customize the REPL prompt for nREPL connections?


In Cursive, there really is no REPL prompt - which is the part you’d like to customise?


there is a => in the output, but that's not really a prompt indeed. what i would like is the same kind of thing as clojure.main/repl-prompt, so i can constantly reflect some state of my program. more specifically i would use it to switch between different deployment environments (using different aws profiles, ssh keys, domain names) and evaluate expressions, which would implicitly depend on the current environment.


so before i evaluate something, i would see which environment will it going to be evaluated.


im practically trying to use cursive as a unix shell replacement, so it feels like i would need something like a shell prompt.


Is there a way to fold maps?


Context: We are trying with inlining tests into the function attribute maps. It often gets that tests take up much more space than the function itself and the Cursive users in the project do not seem to be able to fold the attribute map.


A question on that: how do you keep test-only requires out of the prod namespace this way?


We don’t. 😃


Ah, okay then 🙂


You can fold any selection with Command-Period on the Mac, I assume PC is similar.

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