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Is there a trick to bind *print-length* only for cursive repl without making it affect other printing parts of the running program?


Hmm, no, I don’t think there is.

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AJ Snow03:09:04

does cursive still have compatibility issues with deps? related to the shadow-cljs dependencies


The quoted highlighting also occurs in defn :arglists.

AJ Jaro13:09:05

What is the best form to choose when resolving a macro that looks like this? When using the defn1 and defn2 functions that are produced from here, these are unable to be resolved by Cursive. I’ve tried a few easy options, but I’m not familiar with a form in Clojure that I could tell Cursive to resolve this in a decent way

(defmacro two-defns
  [defn1 defn2]
    (defn ~defn1 ...)
    (defn ~defn2 ...))


I don’t think there’s any way to handle that, sorry.


Is it still true that figwheel & cursive don't get along well in tools-deps projects? read it here:


No, AFAIK they work together well.


I don't use Cursive myself, but most of my coworkers do and we have not had issues porting our figwheel based projects to deps