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Is there some issue with idea resolving dependencies installed locally? Trying to use datomic local dev library which is not available for distribution, but is installed locally mvn -q org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-install-plugin:3.0.0-M1:install-file -Dfile=dev-local-0.9.195/dev-local-0.9.195.jar but idea/cursive can't resolve so I can't start a repl with com.datomic/dev-local {:mvn/version "0.9.195"} in deps


No, there shouldn’t be a problem with that. Can you check that ~/.m2/repository/com/datomic/dev-local/dev-local-0.9.195.jar exists?


it's in ~/.m2/repository/com/datomic/dev-local/0.9.195/dev-local-0.9.195.jar


Ah, yes, right. What’s the error that you receive?


You don’t have your local repo customised, right?


Errors during project resolution
			The following errors were found during project resolve:
			Could not find artifact com.datomic:dev-local:jar:0.9.195 in central ()


running the repl works fine with clj cli tool. I don't think I have customised local repo in any meaningful way


@UMBC73RK9 Is this still a problem for you? I just got around to trying to reproduce this and I can’t - I’ve followed the above steps and it works fine for me.


No it's not, and sorry for not getting back to you before. I assumed dependencies were fetched on Idea restart because it threw the error then, but didn't resolve it after I did the install locally. Did another change to deps and it worked.