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Oliver George03:08:09

Quick sanity check. I updated IntelliJ and seems like Cursive isn't working. IntelliJ IDEA 2020.2 (Community Edition) Build #IC-202.6397.94, built on July 27, 2020 Non-Bundled Plugins: String Manipulation, com.intellij.plugins.watcher, name.kropp.intellij.makefile, net.seesharpsoft.intellij.plugins.csv, com.cursiveclojure.cursive, PythonCore


Looks ok to me, I’m using Cursive on 2020.2 and lots of others are too. What’s not working?

Oliver George03:08:58

Perhaps my project isn't configured right. I'll poke around more.

Oliver George03:08:06

Thanks for confirming it should work.


If this is a project that was working previously, the first thing to try would be File-&gt;Invalidate caches and restart - indexes can get funky after upgrades.

Oliver George03:08:39

Found the problem. My fault. I'd rebuilt the project but not enabled a required deps alias.

Oliver George04:08:23

Reason isn't interesting but it's react native and I'm switching between figwheel and krell... both have different clojurescript deps so I don't specify it as a top level dep.

Oliver George04:08:27

Anyway, my bad.

Oliver George03:08:27

Should I downgrade IntelliJ?

Oliver George04:08:51

@cfleming while you're about. It'd be really nice if js interop stuff wasn't all marked as "not resolved"...


Yeah, I was actually planning to start fixing that this afternoon - it’s on my shortlist.

🎉 9
Oliver George04:08:07

Same for core js stuff like promises...


I'm getting Dependency errors when using [ "0.5.1"]. When loading a namespace, Cursive displays: "Dependency cycle. trace.cljc -> trace.cljc -> trace.cljc"


any way around that other than not using this library?


(this is with old fighweel using piggy back and whatnot)


Can anyone remind me which setting is responsible for wrapping on indenting? Say I have

(println "HELLO")
if I indent the second line I want it to automatically wrap like so
  (println "HELLO"))


I've had to setup on ubuntu as my MBP battery exploded and I lost my settings 😢. I can't remember what configuration I had exactly.


This is what it does with the default settings. I can't tell if it's IdeaVim not playing nicely or Cursive config.


Looks like what I actually want is parinfer.