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@cfleming would you please take a look at this problem above? i can submit a github issue. we use clojure spec for business entity and logic validation at work. as we all know, libraries like expound make clojure spec and it’s error messages a lot nicer and friendlier to work with. we have a workaround (force-flushing output stream using a prn) but since it’s not something you would do normally, it gets tedious and tiring overtime, not to mention forgetting to do it completely and getting confused all over again. this is also one of the bugs (including being bombarded with cursive exceptions at least 100 times a day) that cause eye-rolls from people who are just skeptical about everything clojure. thanks in advance!


Sure, I’ll take a look - thanks for the repro cases.


i don’t know if this helps, but please take that request as from a cursive commercial-license user who caused a one-time purchase of 40 commercial licenses a few years ago and is now trying to maintain that number at 20.