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Hey team, noob question. Whenever I update dependencies in deps, I don't see the refresh. The docs says to press the "refresh" button, but I am not sure where it is Is there some command I can search with for cmd + shift + a?


If I search "Refresh", and press that, nothing happens. I did notice an error from cursive, about a non-idempotent computation

java.lang.Throwable: Non-idempotent computation: it returns different results when invoked multiple times or on different threads:
  PsiMethod:minusDays (class com.intellij.psi.impl.compiled.ClsMethodImpl) != PsiMethod:minusDays (class com.intellij.psi.impl.compiled.ClsMethodImpl)
  which is element of [email protected] and [email protected]
  which is 0th element of [[email protected], [email protected]] and [[email protected], [email protected]]


the “Refresh” button is the first one in the tool bar of the “Clojure Deps” tool window as shown on the right-hand side in the following screenshot:

Mikael Andersson22:07:01

In cursive a changed .deps file should also pop up a 'ballon' in the lower right corner with a clickable 'Import Changes' text unless the notification is turned off in preferences/notifications.


Apologies for the v noob questions team -> 🙈 how can I access the Clojure deps tool window? (Also am not quite sure where I can get it. cmd + shift a only shows the preferences pane. Also am not quite sure where the notif option is)


you should be able to find it following one of the ways to open tool windows as described here:


Okay, this gets interesting -- I don't seem to have the "Clojure Deps" tool window. Maybe I opened the projected incorrectly -- taking further look


hmm… the presence of REPL tool window and absence of Clojure Deps tool window indicates that Cursive didn’t recognize your project as a Deps project. you may need to reimport your project as a Deps project (don’t forget to delete the .idea directory and the *.iml files in the project directory)


Update: ooky doke we are back! Thanks team


(indeed re-initiate did the trick. Maybe it was because I had a pom.xml file in there too


actually, i was, too, confused by the presence of deps.edn, pom.xml, and... a Makefile… 😅

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xD My explanation: pom.xml was to be able to build a java jar -- uberdeps needed it. Will delete in my build script Makefile for having handy commands dev-repl, build-jar, etc If there are some recommended setups for deps projects, would love to know : } -- currently building on the fly


re: makefile we started using just and Justfile s for the handy commands purpose. Has a lot less quirkyness than make

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