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Rachel Westmacott10:05:27

Is it just me that finds the behaviour of Ctrl + Left/Right within a string to be counter-intuitive?


@U0FR9C8RZ , you should give this a thumbs up vote so Colin knows that other people are having issues with this 🙂


Is anyone else getting an issue with remote repls where if you get a REPL command timeout the repl just seems to timeout in general?

Walt Stoneburner22:05:57

I've noticed that this statement produces an inspection warning that VERSION cannot be resolved:

(defonce ^:const VERSION "0.0.1")
However this statement has no issue:
(def ^:const VERSION "0.0.1")
Is this a Cursive issue?


Yes, that's I just took a look at this, I'll fix it for the next EAP.

Walt Stoneburner22:05:28

Gotcha. I'm still learning what's IntelliJ and what's Cursive, the integration is so nice it's hard to tell where one end and the other begins. I found that I'm getting lots of the same "cannot resolve" when I use manifold.deferred/let-flow, which is a macro that behaves like let.

Walt Stoneburner22:05:55

BEST TIP EVER!!! That just fixed so many non-problems from being flagged. Thank you!!


Great, glad it helped!