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cursive doesn't seem to have a default "send '<form>' to repl" shortcut. anyone have a good one or a previous default? still new so don't want to clobber common cursive/intellij keybindings i haven't learned yet


Which keymap are you using? Both “Send form before caret to REPL” and “Send top form to REPL” should have bindings I think.


how would i find out?


not sure if osx is the answer to which keymap or if there's something more technical


here is a screenshot of my customized keymap for cursive actions on macOS: repl actions:


I bound "send form to REPL" to a force touch. This flows really well with how I work (all laptop, single screen, lots of touchpad gesture use). Just position the cursor and press a little harder than usual and stuff gets evaluated in the REPL. Obviously doesn't work if you don't have/use a force touchpad.


I've installed latest version of IntelliJ + Cursive, and found out that parinfer/paredit mode has disappeared from the right bottom corner 😅

Adrian Smith12:05:02

Weird, what happens if you press shift shift then type toggle structural editing style?

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Just confirming that it seems to be gone here too (macOS version).

Temsan14:05:21;cid=C0744GXCJ wow, thanks! Only had to click two times on toggle structural editing (first click - Structural editing off, second click - Parinfer mode on )


Yes, this should hopefully be in a stable build soon.

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