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One of the projects I'm working on recently got its deps.edn made a symlink and it appears Cursive is unable to handle that.


After a bit more investigation it could be that what confused Cursive is that the target of the symlink is another file named deps.edn somewhere under resources


Nope, it appears to be the symlink


Thanks for the issue, I’ll take a look at that.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)13:04:16

could be tools.deps not handling that too - does that work outside cursive?


It appears to work fine, thanks for checking.


at least in the contexts we use it


Getting this error in cursive with the same profiles but not with lein repl...

Error loading nrepl.server: Could not locate nrepl/server__init.class, nrepl/server.clj or nrepl/server.cljc on classpath.
Error loading complete.core: Could not locate complete/core__init.class, complete/core.clj or complete/core.cljc on classpath.


Do you get this with all projects, or just with a particular one?


is it possible to have this kind of autocomplete in Clojurescript?i try to use mongodb nodejs driver,i asked yesterday also but still i cant find the way to do it.


It will be, but isn’t right now. Curently Cursive doesn’t do any type inference at all for CLJS.


how do I tell cursive to auto-import deps changes?


specifically, I thought there was an "auto" mode for this notification


There used to be with the old deps integration, but I haven’t added it for the new one yet.

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Roman Liutikov21:04:27

@cfleming This might be a rare feature request, but I'd like to be able to jump from location in CLJS code to a source mapped location in compiled JS output.


I think this would be super useful too!

Roman Liutikov21:04:17

Yeah, sometimes I want to inspect codegen, when the code is small and self-contained I use, but for something in a project I'd like to jump straight to the code w/o rebuilding the whole env Klipse


Hmm, I’m not sure what would be involved in that, could you file an issue so that doesn’t get lost?