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Ben Hammond20:04:25

I've got a little bugbear I'd like to get off my chest... I eliminate code by commenting it out using #_ then I subsequently delete it using (my key binding for)

StructuralEditing - Kill Sexp
only... that doesn't just kill the thing that I commented out it also kills the first thing after it that is not commented out that I want to keep

Ben Hammond20:04:32

If Kill Sexp considered a reader-macro comment to be worth killing on its own without the need to kill further Then Cursive would be an even better tool

Ben Hammond20:04:47

Dunno, is that just me?


I’m not sure, no-one else has reported that. Let me think about the implications of considering a reader-macro a form.

Ben Hammond19:04:53

perhaps I just need to pick up some better habits when identifying/stripping out used code though


I only use ^K, Structural Editing / Kill, since it also cares about the expression boundaries. I typically have 1 expression per line, so it works well. If I would want to just delete next form, I would Alt-Up, then Backspace / Delete or just start typing...


my leinigen tool is gone, and right-clicking project.clj files doesn’t show an “import project” option anymore. Halp?


nm, you can open the project.clj file itself and it will offer to “add project” at the top of the file


i dont remember seeing that before… do you have “refresh leiningen projects”?


no, everything was gone. I always remember this stuff being there even when there was no lein module in the current project, but maybe that changed?


anyway, I found a workaround


The Leiningen toolwindow now only appears when you have a lein project registered, but the right-clicking a project.clj file should work always - I’ll check that.