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Oliver George05:04:23

I'm trying out Krell and trying to get a good REPL setup.

Oliver George05:04:17

Here's my REPL config...

Oliver George05:04:52

The problem I have is it starts in "CLJ mode" which means symbols don't resolve and I can't load code from the editor. I can switch over using the dropdown - then it works fine.

Oliver George05:04:33

Is that something Krell can fix - some kind of handshake which might be missing as the REPL boots?


Yes, Cursive switches between REPL types by scanning for particular output lines. That should be configurable, but isn’t at the moment. The current check looks like:

(or (.contains ^String line "Type `:cljs/quit` to stop the ClojureScript REPL")
    (.contains ^String line "To quit, type: :cljs/quit")
    (re-matches #"ClojureScript [0-9\.]+" line))

🙂 4

I’ll look at making that configurable for the next release.


Wouldn't it be possible to just check the prompt?


cljs.user ?


hrm, though I see that you're probably detecting Clojure by looking for the version string ...


and that avoids issues w/ starting in a different ns as well


ok can do that


Thanks - although once that’s configurable it should be easier to make work with anything.

Oliver George05:04:53

Or is it something Cursive can handle

Oliver George05:04:57

Here's what it looks like when I boot up...