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There is something wrong with the indexing on the latest intellij eap/beta. Im getting that low memory notification and the responsiveness grinds to a halt. Same project, same eap10 cursive on 2019.3.4 has no issue indexing a lot my jars in .m2 in about 10-15 seconds. Has anyone else noticed something similar? I can't even report any errors because I have to force kill the while IDE


I haven’t experienced this, or received any other reports of it. Does invalidating caches help?

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)17:03:05

I have recently upgraded 8ntelliJ and am also regularly getting indexing pauses, which I didn't before. I suspect it's IntelliJ, not Cursive


@cfleming have you ever thought about extending code suggestions from the connected repl? Sometimes a namespace would stuff like potemkin/import-vars to define vars. Static analysis won't be able to resolve that but it would be helpful if the warnings could change to weak warnings when the vars are available at runtime.


I have, but it’s difficult for a number of reasons. Potemkin actually is supported though.


Thank you. Trouble is, we wrap the potemkin call in our own macro that imports everything from the other ns. Hope you'll find a solution though 🙂