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What's the criteria for releasing a non-EAP version from Cursive? eap10 feels quite stable lately... on 2020.1 eap intellij at least. just to help installation, it would be good to release a non-eap version.


Yes, the criteria is basically a week or so with no serious issues either reported or in the exception tracker, so I’ll hopefully release this tomorrow.

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Ben Hammond08:03:19

I am running shadow-cljs. Is there a way to get a repl to use the port from .shadow-cljs/nrepl.port ? or am I forced to use a static port for the repl? I suppose I could create a symbolic-link

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@ben.hammond Yes, a symlink is the go for now, I’m just about to fix that one, I promise!

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Is there a way to make cursive stop suggesting namespace imports for custom tagged literals, like #time/date "2020-03-17" (this one is from )