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Ivan Koz15:02:31

How to connect\run shadow-cljs, watcher cljs repl from cursive? Can it be simplified?

Ivan Koz15:02:36

Currently there is two Idea tasks; first runs lein -> shadow-cljs watch, and second connects to server's nrepl. The tedious part is to run second task and call (shadow.cljs.devtools.api/repl :app) to access cljs repl.


I see thheller replied over at #shadow-cljs, but I am planning some init-forms for REPL configs that will be automatically sent once the REPL connects.

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Ivan Koz16:02:13

@cfleming can you make it so repl wouldn't NPE if server is offline, but rather retry on a timeout?

Error connecting to localhost:8000 - class .ConnectException: Connection refused (Connection refused)
Exception starting REPL: java.lang.NullPointerException


The NPE is definitely a bug, I’ll fix that. The retrying is trickier, I’ll think about that.

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does cursive support shadow-cljs projects where there's no project.clj or a deps.edn? Edit* i can't seem to import a project without either Deps or Lein scaffolding, and i'd like to avoid duplicating my shadow-cljs.edn dependencies in a deps.edn file 🙂


i think the shadow documentation mentions using shadow to create a pom file