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Hey @cfleming, I am trying setup a project with a lot of submodules (for AWS Amplify). Whenever I try to rename the modules in Intellij and I reimport/update my deps it overwrites the name of the module with the name of the folder that contains the submodule. Is there a way to override this behavior or to tell Cursive that a specific dir should respect a specific name?


Unfortunately not at the moment. Deps philosophically avoids naming things where possible, and that causes problems with Cursive which needs names for things, in particular modules. Why do you need to rename the modules in IntelliJ, do you have various projects in directories with the same name?


I guess one possible option would be to use the directory name on project creation, but then not reset it later if someone has renamed the module manually.


Why do you need to rename the modules in IntelliJ, do you have various projects in directories with the same name?Yeah, its a bunch of lambda's here is a screenshot of the folder structure. All of the modules end up end src or src-1 with some actually deleting other modules. It's not a huge deal but it is annoying.


I have asked in #shadow-cljs to see theller has a way to move the deps.edn file up a level


That would "magically" fix this issue for me but it probably still stands for others


I think not overwriting changes to module names would work for me


but it might get hairy if it isn't made obvious that renaming is not happening for a reason


Ok, I’ll try to get that fix into the next EAP.


For what its worth I have worked around the above by consolidating per Thomas' recommendation and now only have one Shadow-cljs and deps.edn file. That all being said I think this change still have merit and is more in line with expected behavior


Yes, definitely. I’d hoped to get this in the next EAP but updating to support 2020.1 is taking way longer than expected so this might not happen until the following one.

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I would like to avoid renaming the the folders because Amplify's lambda deploy mechanism assume the shape of the code directory