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Roman Liutikov09:12:22

Every time I reopen a project excluded folder in Project Structure gets indexed again and appears in search results. Is there any way to prevent this?


Do you mean that the folder gets marked as no longer excluded? Or that despite being excluded it’s still indexed?

Roman Liutikov10:12:34

> Do you mean that the folder gets marked as no longer excluded? This


That’s weird. Is this a folder that you’ve marked as excluded yourself? What sort of project is this?


i.e. lein or deps?

Roman Liutikov10:12:52

Yes, every time I open a project I have to mark a folder as excluded. It’s deps project


Hmm. I’ll check that out tomorrow and see if I can reproduce it.

Roman Liutikov10:12:43

Thanks! If not, I’m happy to jump on a call and show you the issue


I just tried to reproduce this and I can’t. Is there anything else special about that folder? Is it also marked as a source root or something like that?


Another way to ask that would be - when the folder is unmarked as excluded, what is it marked as?

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)12:12:09

Is it possible to connect to a remote nrepl server with Cursive repl if it uses drawbridge? Do I need to add it to my lein :plugins or ...?


Sadly no, I made an attempt to get drawbridge to work but I couldn’t, and I didn’t manage to get much support from the nrepl channel.

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