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psa: looks like the "Refresh Leiningen Projects" menu item has been removed, but you can use the Leiningen view to do that (View -> Tool Windows -> Leiningen)


You’re right, that should now be called “Refresh Build System Projects” but for some reason it’s not appearing.


Oh wait, I see what the problem is. For some reason that action is only available when invoking it from a project.clj/deps.edn file. That looks like a bug, I can’t think why that would be a useful restriction.


well, I can't see it in the contextual menu for a project.clj file either, but I'm using the Leiningen view in the meanwhile


this is 1.9.0-eap8-2019.2


Hmm, I think it should be in that menu - I’ll check that tomorrow.


hello, one thing I just realized, is that Cursive can't follow clojure specs that are not defined in the same namespace of the keyword, for example, if I have a file: src/my-proj/core.clj and inside I define (s/def :my-proj.a-different.namespace/something string?), Cursive can't find that definition when I try to jump for it, is this a known issue?


No, it’s not - could you file an issue about that?


It does actually work for me I believe. Though the ns I use doesn't really exist: :employee/id


good point, I remember those working as well, but when I use this with some long existent namespaces, them cursive is unable to follow