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Is there any way to fold the failure comparison hover window when the window exceeds the border of the screen? I'm using property-based tests with test.chuck and any time I have 8+ failures the popup will flash madly when I hover over the failing assertion, or will stay there but flash the moment I move my cursor over it. It would be great if it could stay there and fold the the other failures, or have a scrollbar so that I can get to them - most often any of the failures will do so I would probably pick one from the top 3, but as it is right now I simply have to decrease the number of test runs and hope the issue manifests itself in sufficiently small number of cases.


Is there a shortcut-ish way in cursive to run all tests in a package?


@sgerguri Not right now, unfortunately, but I’m planning some fixes to help with this. I’m aware the current solution sucks, sorry….


@emccue No, unfortunately Cursive only supports running interactively from a single ns right now.


@cfleming Really happy to hear that some fixes are coming. If I could have another thing on my wishlist it would be Cursive being able to find protocol implementations in the project, similarly to how IntelliJ gives you click-through to interface implementations via special line icons to the left of the editor window.


@sgerguri Yes, that’s also definitely on the list.