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Teemu Kaukoranta08:08:51

With the new Idea, when I highlight something and type (, the highlighted value is wrapped with (). I don't think this is how my editor worked previously. Anyone know if there is a setting to change this? (I don't think this is related to the known problems with newer versions of Idea..)


Try Settings > General > Smart Keys, and look for "Surround selection on typing quote or brace" and "Maintain selection when surrounding with braces"


It's so far from obvious that one!


2019.2 has been a very positive update for me (I was using 2019.1 and I don't use deps.edn), thank you


is there a configuration for emacs that matches the alignment options of Cursive? i share projects with those emacs nerds and our pull requests are often littered with whitespace changes.


We follow and we get near perfect agreement between Emacs and Cursive. is a difference, as is case and cond alignment. There are a few other corner cases as well.


many thanks @U9E8C7QRJ. we'll give it a go. 🙂