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Joe R. Smith00:06:04

How do I get Cursive to highlight the parens for the form preceding the cursor line, not the form I'm currently in?

Joe R. Smith00:06:57

i.e., this way

Joe R. Smith00:06:55

behavior seems to have changed from IntelliJ 2018.3 -> 2019.1 EAP


@cfleming hello man, one curiosity, today is it possible to extend cursive custom extensions? I mean, if I like to have some specialised auto-complete in some context, is this possible to implement as an external plugin? or something like that would require some cursive specific hooks?


Has anyone discussed the EDN viewer w.r.t. navigation? I occasionally edit some fairly large and deeply nested EDN files; it would be outstanding if Cursive could a) show a crumb-trail showing where in the document we were and/or b) provide some kind of navigation by key.