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Hi, I'd like to run a cljs repl using piggieback; the piggieback docs say I need to add the --middleware "[cider.piggieback/wrap-cljs-repl]" command-line option, but I'm not sure how to do this in a Cursive run config? It doesn't work in the Parameters field. Any clues?


Is there some kind of format that cursive understands? Markdown support or anything like that?


this last update is driving me mad, the editor is highlighting the wrong pair of parens . in this example, it used to highlight the inner ones (the expr that starts with f/with-locale). can I disable this?

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it will take a lifetime to undo the muscle memory


Yeah, that’s a recent glitch, and I think it’s IntelliJ rather than Cursive. We’re waiting on an update to fix it. I’m using rainbow parens as a workaround — I don’t like rainbow parens, but it’s better than the off-by-one parens.


I'm using rainbow parens but I never had to actually look at them


this is the most infuriating one, I always end up writing code inside the map expr because I think I'm already outside of it


because if they are highlighted, it used to mean I'm outside...I guess this teaches me how I really write code


is there a guide for migrating an existing lein project in cursive to deps.edn? have the newest version of cursive installed, but my repl configration won’t allow me to select Run with Deps for whatever reason


figured it out – had to create a new project from existing sources to blow away the .idea/ that had the project set as a lein-based one and create a new deps.edn-based .idea/


@joelsanchez Yes, this is an IntelliJ regression, which will hopefully be fixed soon. See for details, and voting for the issues is probably a good idea too!

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@mitchelkuijpers Not currently, but I’d like to add support for markdown. Whatever I do will be cljdoc compatible, so basically markdown with wikilinks.


Awesome, good to know! Then I will use those rules for my own docs. Very usefull to have something like cljdoc so we can agree on a format