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hi, refreshing tools.deps versions just hangs for me, and the box sits there empty. I've tried in both the project import page, and the build execution and deployment settings page, and i've tried invalidating caches and restarting. is there a way i can manually insert a version so i can get cursive to download it?


just sits there spinning


i've just updated to the latest version of intellij / cursive


I'm a bit worried about this, just did a full reinstall of intellij/cursive and the problem persists. i can't import a project without this


similar issues: my issue is that first one, except the workaround displays the same behaviour


Only after removing intellij, deleting all previous versions, re-installing without importing settings from any previous version (i tried four) would it work. So maybe it's a problem with importing settings? Please could cursive ship with at least the latest version of tools.deps included so that can be downloaded? Otherwise this is a breaking problem, the only workaround being to lose all settings and configuration


@U053032QC Ugh, sorry, that’s a bug which is fixed in the next build. I had hoped to get it out by now, but what I’m working on is taking longer than expected. I’ll move what I’m going to the next build and get that out today.


@U053032QC That bugfix is now released in 1.8.2-eap3.

parrot 4

Is there an action for force regenerating stubs? i dismissed the message and it won't come back


Refreshing your lein/deps project should prompt you again.


It seems as though cursive is adding tools.deps.alpha to the classpath when I run a REPL; we use a fork of it, so I need to exclude it. Is there a way of doing this?


i seem to be able to work around it by adding an empty :deps alias to my deps.edn, but i don't really want to have to do this


Cursive won’t do that automatically. Do you have an alias called deps, or is your REPL run config using one? Deps itself has a deps alias you can use to add t.d.a to the classpath, it’s not a Cursive thing.