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Another alternative is to override user deps.edn with another one that contains the required dependency. According to settings, it's a per-project parameter. But it still may be considered ever more ickier than the alias way.

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)10:05:43

Does Cursive have support for test.check? Out of the box it has wrong indentation on prop/for-all, does not understand that it creates bindings (and thus complains about "... cannot be resolved"), bad indentation for defspec & doesn't understand it defines a new thing, thus complaining about its name "... cannot be resolved"). I googled out but it does not mention test.check. Thank you!


I know that it doesn't really answer the question, but you can Alt+Enter on any symbol in question and play around with "Configure indentation for [...]" and "Resolve [...] as..." I find that most of the time, it helps with such cases.


Yes, you should be able to fix those problems using the customisation, but test.check is popular enough that I should fix that.


Unfortunately defspec works quite differently to existing test integrations and is hard to support well.