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@hall That error is referring to your JDK configured for the project - could you check that that is properly configured?

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Lukasz Hall14:05:34

yup... that was it. Can't believe I didn't check that.... looks like some pathing issues on my machine. Thanks!


Something strange is happening. I've just restructured my project a bit and now Cursive says "Manifest type not detected when finding deps" during deps.edn project syncing. I tried running clj -Stree - same error. Updated the clj CLI tools so that now they use tools.deps 0.6.496 which fixes TDEPS-74, now clj -Stree running smoothly. But Cursive still gives the same error even though in setting it says that it uses the latest tools. I also tried selecting "Use tools.deps directly" but "Refresh" never completes, it just spins forever.


Not sure how it all works. But when I removed everything within ~/.m2/repository/org/clojure/tools.deps.alpha, nothing has changed but also no new files appeared there. As if both clj and Cursive use a bundled version of tools.deps.


clj uses a bundled version of tools.deps, yes. In Cursive, if you select to use the CLI tools then that version will be used, or if you select to use tools.deps directly, it’ll be downloaded using Maven and should appear in your local repo.


But clj works and Cursive doesn't, although it says it uses the correct version of clj.


Of course, maybe clj started working after upgrade only when I start it with -Stree, and maybe it still doesn't work with regards to something else that Cursive uses. Is there any way I could check it?


Also the point about not being able to specify custom tools.deps is still valid - the spinner just spins forever.


Without me doing anything, the error switched to "Sync finish event has not been received". I removed .idea from the project, imported the project again - all is fine! However, the error about the manifest time is back when I select one particular alias. And the same alias works perfectly with clj, so there is still some sort of a problem.


@U2FRKM4TW That’s very strange. Is this a project I could look at, or is it internal?


What does the problematic alias have in its definition? Perhaps I can reproduce something similar.


Alas, can't share anything. And lo and behold - today all is fine, even with that alias! Again, without me changing anything. Maybe an additional restart of IDEA has somehow helped. I'm clueless.


I am also having the problem of the infinite spinner


previously, I was using “Use tools.deps directly” but I had to switch to “Use CLI tools” because of the spinner / not being able to select a recent version


now I have a problem with clj(s) forms not being defined even though I have Clojure/ClojureScript on the classpath


@U050RLRRQ @U2FRKM4TW Do either of you have a proxy enabled? That’s the only thing I can think of that has changed recently (, oh and also but that shouldn’t affect if you don’t specify a repo).


Ugh, actually, this is just a stupid UI bug introduced as part of those changes. I’ll fix for the next build.