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@cfleming would it be possible to make "toggle auto scroll" automatic? (when I scroll up, disable it, and when I scroll to the bottom, enable it). this is how the Chrome Devtools console works, and other applications too

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or is it an Intellij IDEA shortcoming?


It's Cursive that adds all the libraries to the modules that I add via the standard IDEA interface in "Project Structure" dialog, right? The issue is that upon reindexing (or maybe not - I closed IDEA, changed the branch in terminal, made some changes, switched the branch back, opened IDEA again), the order of <orderEntry> tags in most of the .idea/modules/*.iml files was changed for no reason.


@joelsanchez Which window would you like this in? The main editors? Sorry, I’m not familiar with the auto scroll.


Oh, I see. So when you scroll up, you’d like it to stay where you left it, and then when you scroll back down to the bottom you want auto scroll to enable again?


many apps log to stdout, and sometimes I want to briefly look at something in the logs but then keep on working with the REPL and of course I need autoscroll on


Ok, that makes sense.


yes, yes it is :)


Daniel is always one step ahead of us mere mortals


I believe he’s filed more Cursive issues than I have 🙂

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Actually no I still have him beaten - 259 to 209.


In the cljs repl I keep getting the intellij "<fn> can be required" recommendation for every function I use that isn't a core function even if it's required. Is there any way to fix that?


@p-himik It is, but I can’t control that order, sorry - that’s IntelliJ doing that.