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does cursive collide with the clojure-kit plugin that jetbrains is offering me in the plugins menu?


@j0ni Yes, it’s a bad idea to have two language plugins for the same language installed.


Any reason why on a mac the keyboard shortcuts might not be working after a fresh install?


I think IDEA lets you choose between two keyboard layouts in the wizard that runs after installation. Is it possible you chose the one where the shortcut for “Load file in REPL” is Ctrl + Alt + L? (I think.)


I've tried every combination I can think of, but nothing seems to work 😕


Does it have a key binding assigned in Settings > Keymap?


Yeah, just checked, it's command shift L


Cmd + shift + L I'm looking at specifically


It works for me, provided that I have the cursor inside the editor window, and I have a matching REPL open. By “matching,” I mean I’m editing a .clj file and the active REPL is a Clojure REPL, or I’m editing a .cljs file and the active REPL is a CLJS REPL. It does not work if you have the cursor inside the REPL; you have to click in the file you want to load first.


@manutter51 how would I have a matching REPL open? If I click REPL, it's just an empty window/pane


Ok, you probably haven’t started one yet.


At the top right of the window you should see a button to configure a build configuration, which is where you set up the REPL to run. If you don’t have any build configurations, it will look like this.


Click the “Add Configuration…” button to open up the Run/Debug Configurations window, then click the plus sign at the top left corner and select Clojure REPL -> Local from the menu


Change the Name from “Unnamed” to “CLJ REPL,” and the default values should be good for the rest of the stuff. Click OK to add it as a new build config. Now at the top right, where it used to say “Add Configuration,” you should see “CLJ REPL”. It’s a menu, so if you don’t see “CLJ REPL”, you can drop it down and it should be one of the menu options.


This is a once-per-project setup step, so you’ll do this every time you create a new project. Once you have it set up, you’ll see a green arrow to the right of where it says “CLJ REPL”, and you can click that to start your REPL.


@manutter51 absolute bingo. Thank you very much for that. Everything working as intended, incl. key combos


One caveat for future reference (because I kept making this mistake) — in the Edit Configurations window at the top left, there’s a “Templates” line right underneath the plus sign, with a disclosure triangle next to it. If you pop that open, you’ll see a list just like when you click on the plus sign, but those do not create REPL configurations for you. You have to click the plus sign.

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