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Anyone have experience of clj+cursive on windows? I am unable to get cursive to download and use clj directly (guess a proxy issue), but now I have clj available as a powershell module (see #clj-on-windows) but am so far not able to get cursive to use it I configured Cursive to point to a .bat script, which just does CALL powershell clj %* - ie launches powershell and passes on any args. this appears to work when I run it on its own. on syncing a cursive project, cursive outputs: 'cannot execute: invalid token'.


@henryw374 Haven't gotten that to work, but have used for a while, using the not command line option.


Just listened to the latest episode of The REPL, @cfleming . Very enlightening. And my anarchist soul liked to hear how you get such a relaxed licencing enforcement working for your business. Most people are trustworthy. Peace!


@henryw374 I haven’t tried that, sorry - is the powershell version officially released yet?


You can use the “Use tools.deps directly” option at Preferences | Build, Execution, Deployment | Build Tools | Clojure Deps, that was added so that Windows users can use deps.


@pez Thanks! Yes, the nicest side effect of having the non-commercial licence is that then I just don’t worry about enforcement of anything since it’s trivial to rip me off if someone wants to. Fortunately users are willing to pay to support me and companies worry about things like breaching EULAs, so it works well without annoying anyone.

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